When broken down, understanding fireplace doors and their options are quite simple. Here we will cover the basics of how to measure your fireplace opening to ensure a perfect fit of your new fireplace doors. We will also cover the different types of fireplace door fits as well as common types of fireboxes one would find in their home.

Different Types Of Fireplaces

Fireplace Door Fit Styles

Overlap Fit (Most Popular):

The Overlap Fireplace fit is very similar to the Flush Fit except there will be a 2″ trim that overlaps your fireplace surround. For instance; If you have a fireplace with a stack stone surround, 2 inches of the surround around the perimeter of your firebox will be covered by the fireplace door Overlap. This is our most popular style as it covers any gaps or imperfections around the perimeter of the firebox.

Flush Fit:

The entire fireplace frame and doors will fit perfectly inside of your firebox and surround, aligned with your surround material. For instance; if you have a smooth/marble surround, the front of the fireplace door will fit evenly with the front of the marble. It will not protrude out further than your surround/marble and it will not set inside of your surround/marble.

Inside Fit:

Much like it sounds, the fireplace frame and doors will be placed inside of your surround. The depth depends on how deep your firebox is inside of your surround. The depth could potentially be 1″ – 3″ respectfully.

How To Measure Your Fireplace

Locate the width and height of your fireplace opening and measure them both. Once completed, submit the smallest measurement for both the width and the height of your fireplace opening. 
IMPORTANT: Several measurements may need to be taken to locate the shortest width and height of your fireplace opening.